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"Someday" Justin Bieber Perfume

Justin Bieber "Someday" Perfume Commercial

Justin Bieber Launches Womens Fragrance "SOMEDAY"

Justin Bieber is ready to help the ladies smell just right. He revealed he chose to create a perfume for female fans because the way a girl smells is very important to him.
According to WWD, Justin Bieber’s new perfume is called Someday. The pefume is being marketed through charity Give Back Brands and is set to raise millions for a host of charities including Pencils of Promise, which builds schools, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

This perfume will be available in stores in June, the fragrance will be offered ranging in price from $35(1 oz.) to $55 (3.4 oz.)
According to Terry Lundgren, president and CEO of Macy's, Someday has "become the biggest celebrity fragrance launch on record." Just how big? The New York Daily News reports that it netted more than $3 million in retail sales at Macy's in just three weeks.

The overwhelming success of Someday is even more significant given that it's a girls' fragrance created and promoted by a guy, a point that Bieber's manager Scooter Braun was quick to recognize when Hollywood Life chatted with him. "We were blown away. It's incredible. This is just the beginning," enthused Braun. "We are beyond pleased, and we hope that more people enjoy the fragrance. When we started the process, people thought we were nuts."

But Bieber knows the secret: "Let's be real, the way a girl smells is very important to a guy! I have such a deep connection with my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them close to my world," he revealed.
Justin Bieber took over Herald Square in Manhattan on Thursday (June 23) as he greeted fans at a Macy’s event for his women’s fragrance, Someday. A legion of dedicated Beliebers lined up outside and gathered at the famed department store hoping to catch even a glimpse of the star.
When MTV News caught up with the Biebs, he told us how much he appreciated his fans’ overwhelming enthusiasm.
“My fans are crazy. They wait out in the rain and anything, so they’re crazy, they’re awesome!” he said. “I just think that what we decided to do — making the fragrance for females, not getting a cologne for males — I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m more concerned about how girls smell ’cause I’m a guy and I know what smells good and I know what I like so girls should know, if [I like] it, then other guys are going to like it.”
But some fans may have been too enthusiastic. While some fans (and press) were allowed to wait inside Macy’s, many were still standing outside, and according to reports, one fan got a bit too excited when he saw Bieber. ABC News reported that one man jumped the barricade when he saw the singer, knocking him to the ground. Bieber wasn’t hurt, though ABC said that he seemed “shaken” before he went right back to work and greeted more fans inside.
Once inside the store, Bieber seemed relaxed, sharing with us the nuances of designing a perfume for his fans. “I think cologne and perfume are different. Cologne is more kind of a body-wash-type smell and [perfume] is kind of flowery, fruity,” he said, adding that mentor Usher, who has his own cologne brand, “didn’t really give me any advice.
“There was a long process ’cause they brought it out on the road and stuff,” he added of the fragrance, whose proceeds will go to charity. “I picked out the bottle and designed everything.”
So what kind of cologne does Bieber use? “A bunch of different stuff; I switch it up all the time,” he said.
The teen heartthrob JUSTIN BIEBER has just released a new scent this May 2011, called SOMEDAY. However, the rumor arises that the women’s perfume is suspiciously a plagiarism of Marc Jacob’s best selling ‘LOLA’ released in 2010.
At a glance, the designs of the bottle are quite similar. They are both equally dominated by purple color set with petal-shape top. Designed by the singer himself collaborated with Etoile Nation Beauty, the petals on Justin’s comprises two colors: red and pink plus removable crystal heart lock and key from Justin – so fans can carry his heart around with them wherever they go – hanging from the bottle neck; while Marc Jacob’s has three colors: blue, purple and red, plus leaves as the detail ornament. Aiming teenage girls as the market segment, 14 to 18 years old, the JUSTIN BIEBER’S SOMEDAY is a ‘fruity gourmand’ perfume created by Honorine Blanc of Firmenich; while MARC JACOB’S LOLA combines scents of fruit and flower.
Justin Bieber Perfume "Someday" Box Package

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