Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana: Who Is More Stylish?

Kate Middleton vs Princess Diana: Who Is More Stylish??? I think Lady Diana Spencer was perceived as a bit frumpy when the 19-year-old kindergarten teacher became engaged to heir to the throne Prince Charles in 1981 but Princess Diana proves that one trendy accessory (her twisty '80s-style hair band) can put an otherwise winning look in a style time warp .and i think Kate Middleton has a great charisma, smiles, glances her eyes can make all humans loved him. prince william love her because she is similar to the late princess diana Once in the royal spotlight, she emerged as the style icon of her time. These princess have more in common in choosing a style, i see them both like has style is simple but looks elegant and glamorous ...
Kate Middleton Red Clothes vs Princess Diana Orange Clothes
Kate Middleton vs Princess Diana Style in Snow
Princess Diana Very Beautiful
Kate Middleton vs Princess Diana Fashion Style on time engaged
Kate Middleton vs Princess Diana Wear Red Dress
Kate Midletton Very Pretty

princess diana and kate middleton there style

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