Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Men Body

Great Body for Men
Perfect Men Body
John Abraham great body
This is the muscle man with a great looks and great body. He has perfect body structure that women loves to see again and again in men. He has the body of Greek God with the perfect Abs.
His infectious smile, dusky rugged face and sexy body make him look like an innocent boy with a matured body. He is in all a super hero of the Hot Bollywood that looks sexy on super bikes. He is also a responsible citizen, a gentleman and a perfect boyfriend.
John Abraham is one of the most successful male models in India which has turned out to be a successful male actor of Bollywood. He is also has been adjudged the sexiest Asian in 2008.
Choi Siwon Vs. Lee BumSoo In The 4th Men Health’s Cool Guy Contest
Actor Lee Bumsoo along with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and 8ight will participate in firmed body competition
Lee Bumsoo, Siwon, and 8ight will take part in ’4th Men’s Health Cool Guy Contest’ on July 2, 2009 at Convension Center, Grand Hilton. This award would be given to a man with his great body.
The competitors are men who were on the cover of ‘Men’s Health Magazine’ for the past one year. The result is from the magazine’s committees and the reader’s voting. Get back to 2007, the winner is Lee SeoJin, on 2008, the winner is Alex and in this year of 2009 the one who got th ‘Cool Guy’ award is Lee Bumsoo
Although the 40 years old actor like Kim Bumsoo couldn’t be a Cool Guy in his 20 years old time but his figure and beautiful muscle can finally win other young artists.
For other awards in 2009, the one who win ‘Best Cover Model’ is Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, ‘Best Cool Guy Singer’ is 8ight and Lee Siyoung win ‘Best Sexy & Healthy Woman’.
Great Body For Shahrukh Khan
You'll just train more effectively and appropriately for your goal: a bigger, stronger, leaner body that works as great as it looks.

Fire Up Your Muscles
The strategy: Put your body in motion in ways that will recruit more muscle fibers in your workout, leading to bigger gains in the end.

The investment: 5 minutes

The drill: Junk your traditional warmup. If this were just about getting warm, you could sit in a hot tub. Instead, do calisthenics. They not only hot-wire nerve pathways that connect your brain to your muscles, but also help you move through full ranges of motion before adding weight. If the workout is the show, this is your rehearsal.

Target Weak Spots
The strategy: Troubleshoot problem areas to eliminate weak links and reduce injury risk.

The investment: 4 minutes
The drill: Do any of your joints or muscles hurt? If you answer "a little" or "only when I..." see a physical therapist. And train your glutes--your butt muscles--and your scapular muscles, which include the rhomboids, trapezius, serratus anterior, and pectoralis minor. You don't need to be able to pinpoint them on a dangling skeleton. Just remember that weakness in these areas signals "Danger: Work Ahead" for hips, knees, and shoulders. Use the exercises in "Injury-Proof Your Body," to ward off trouble now. For years to come, your body will thank you every time you get out of bed.

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