Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eyes Make Up

Eyes Make Up With Rainbow Color

Every year we see new trends in the world of makeup and fashion, but one trend has come and refused to leave: smokey eye makeup. If you can learn how to apply this look correctly you can transform your face from the boring girl next door into ethereal sex kitten. Smoky eye makeup is irresistible on any female face, even if you aren’t blessed with naturally bright beautiful eyes. Men and women alike cannot help but do a double take when they see a woman with this confident goddess-like look.
The most attractive feature on every woman’s face is her eyes. If you’re lucky to be a chocolaty African American woman, you can certainly enjoy the beauty of African American eye makeup. In this short tutorial, you’ll be introduced to a few African American eye makeup tips and ideas to make your eyes stand out wherever you go.

*Keep your undertones in mind while selecting the right eye shadow for yourself.
*For warm complexions, African American eye makeup that ranges between orange and honey, to rust and cinnamon will be the most flattering.
*For cooler complexions, shades of blue, purple, and pink are excellent for African American eye makeup.
*When it comes to eyeliner, the best colors to accentuate your African American eye makeup are browns and brown-black mascara.
*Metallic colors such as those offered by bareMinerals will give a glamorous shine to your eyes.
*Use makeup designed for African American skin to get the best results. Search large cosmetic stores such as Sephora and Macys for makeup lines dedicated to women of color. However, don’t disregard some brands, such as Molton Brown, which cater to all skin types.
*Always wear African American eye makeup that you like. Wearing eye shadow or liner just because everyone else likes it won’t do, especially since makeup should satisfy you and not the world.
The secret to getting the perfect smoky eye look is in blending. You have to make sure the colors that you choose blend together to create the perfect sexy look. First, you need to apply a base coat, or a primer, to keep the makeup from clumping up in the crease of your eye. Next you can apply eye liner, directly above the lashes or in the middle of your eye, or both. It’s best to use a black or a dark purple liner if you’re going for a traditional smoky look but there are many different color combination’s that you can try. To achieve this look you will also need to line your bottom lid with a lighter shade.
Cleopatras Eyes Make Up
For example if you opt to use black on your upper lid you would want to go with charcoal or dark gray on the bottom and maybe go over it with a similar color shadow to get a smudged look. Next you will need to apply a neutral base shadow, one that shimmers is preferable. Then with a darker shadow start and your lash line and blend upward making sure to blend the shadow into the liner so that it isn’t visible. It’s also very important to keep the rest of your makeup simple when going for a dramatic eye look, otherwise you could end up looking cheap.

Tips For Eyes MAke Up

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