Wednesday, June 9, 2010

W Fashion Magazine Pictures

Supermodel Kate Moss has a dreamy look on the April cover of W, the oversized glossy fashion magazine.
PHOTOS COURTSEY OF W In the April issue of W magazine there's a "Exclusive! Bruce Weber's 60-page salute to New Orleans."

With her hair slicked back, her eyes squint, lips gape and arms wrap around her body in a gripping embrace. The image is seductive, but not particularly unusual. There are dozens of slim beauties puckering up on newsstand shelves.

A headline on the cover, though, is certainly eye-catching. Stacked next to Moss' pretty face in bold type reads: "Exclusive! Bruce Weber's 60-page salute to New Orleans."

Whoa, is that right: 60, as in five dozen pages?

Recovering New Orleans has became a bedraggled flashbulb darling, posing as a soggy backdrop and titillating source for many magazine stories and fashion shoots.

But few, if any, have come close to the size of the W spread or have viewed the city from such an unusual perspective -- hint: There's not one flood line pictured.

National Geographic's two-year anniversary article on Katrina clocked in at 35 pages last August. Travel + Leisure dedicated seven pages in November to a well-researched story on the Big Easy's comeback. In March, Shape magazine's lovely fashion shoot in the French Quarter and swamps took up 16 pages.

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